Leinad Platz


Today's Most Gripping Storyteller

Leinad Platz: Today's Most Gripping Storyteller is an American author. Known for his "Fantasy Fiction" suspense novel - Sir Coffin Graves: Book 1 and Book 2. Today, Leinad is proud to release his newest "Realistic Fiction" mystery novel - Secrets of the Tree House. The Tree House is a place where you are never...Alone!

Leinad a.k.a Daniel (backwards) is the creative pen name given to him by his father, was born and raised in Wisconsin. He graduated Whitewater High School and attended The Milwaukee School of Art and Design. The following years were filled with the hustle and bustles of his working-class life.

And one day, in between long hours of work, something happened. Quote; “I never thought I would – or could – write a novel. Believe me, it is much easier to say “I should write a book someday” than it is to actually do it.” But that someday came and he decided, he would do it. He sat down and started, haltingly, but persistent. The truth is, from those first hesitant words to the final “The End”, it took him over 5 years to write his debut novel Sir Coffin Graves. But with each word, he found himself falling deeper and deeper into the story.

Still working, he resides in southwestern Ohio with his wife Beth. Both, he and his wife prefer the simpler rural lifestyle away from the heavy noises of the city. The part-time author “Dreams” of someday becoming a full-time author. He enjoys being inspired and escaping into the scenic trails of the Appalachians and spending meaningful time with family and friends.