Sir Coffin Graves - Book Two

Sir Coffin Graves
Book Two

Everything Jacob Davis thought was true has been a lie, including his own name. Now going by his real birth name, Collin Graves is forced to take on the man he thought was his father, battle soulless creatures beyond the scope of horror, and challenge the ultimate demon who is out to literally destroy the world.

The enemy begins using everything it can to stop Collin, including an elite team of military fighters, helicopters, tanks -- even bombs. At the same time, the power they hold is turned against the people, banning guns, closing down financial markets, raising the price of everything, and shutting down the Internet. Rioting, violence and looting become the norm as people fight just to stay alive.

While Collin is given amazing powers that he sometimes finds difficult to handle, he struggles not only with his role of trying to save as many people as he can, but to bring down the enemy. When he finally comes face-to-face with the ultimate power of evil, it is a battle of two immortal beings that have the balance of life on Earth they each try to control.

There can be only one victor, but as in any war, it comes at a profound and painful price.


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