Screts of the Tree House

Secrets of the Tree House

The life of 15-Year-Old Dustin Douglas changes horribly when his best friend Jimmy Becker confesses of murdering an old man -- and then is accused of killing a classmate. As he tries to help his friend, Dustin's world gets upended when a local girl is murdered. His Father -- the well-liked Pastor -- is arrested for her death, and Dustin's mother decides to sell the Family home.

Dustin's only refuge is the Tree House his Father built--a magical place that brings calm and peace. Mysteriously, Dustin's mother abandons him and the family house burns down leaving him homeless, and his cherished Tree House is gone as well.

Miraculously, Dustin discovers his magical Tree House has been both spared and relocated. As he sits in the purplish glow of the stain-glass window in his Tree House, Dustin is swept into...lucid dreams, that begin to unravel the lies--and brings light to the truth.

Secretes of the Tree House is a new novel by Leinad Platz, the Author of Sir Coffin Graves.

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